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We're a company with a difference. From the speed we make payments, to our competitive rates, we’ve focused on the best possible customer experience since day one, paying both current accounts and savings accounts to individuals and legal entities, as well as offering cash pick up.

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At Master Transfer we combine the best in customer service, with top financial security to offer fast international money transfers at the most competitive rates. 

Since we started in 2009, we’ve been continually growing in the financial sector, with a focus on sending money abroad.

Thanks to advances in technology, we’re able to bring the world closer, and connect people quicker than ever before.

Today, with a key position in the London market, we’re continually evolving, adapting to the latest market trends and needs, improving operations and streamlining payments.

Our mission is to help our clients succeed by offering the best solutions to meet all their needs with speed, effectiveness and extreme security. 

Supported by our teams who are passionate about what they do, we’re committed to creating the best possible customer experience, by looking at the process holistically we’re able to continually improve the way we work.



How we become a reference in London

Technological advances allow us to unite the four corners of the world at a very great speed and those who do not follow such speed can hardly achieve the benefits generated by this new way of life.

Master Transfer is a financial institution in England that has been able to combine technological resources with the best of customer service in order to offer the greatest comfort in sending money to your country at the most competitive rates in the market. Since its foundation in 2009, Master Transfer has been presenting a successful trajectory in the financial sector, having as main activity the sending of money from England to Brazil and European countries.

Today, having a prominent position in the London market, the institution seeks permanent evolution, adapting to the new times, needs, improving operations and streamlining payments to beneficiaries.

Our History


Founded in 2009 with a mission to make sending money abroad easy, we quickly set up our first branch in Elephant & Castle. Our second branch followed quickly afterwards to keep up with growing demand.

In 2010 we were recognized by both our clients and by key financial intuitions; giving us a breakthrough in the financial market and allowing us to open our next branch in Queensway.

In both 2015 and 2016 we were awarded the prize of the best Brazilian money transfer in London. These awards are a testimony to our commitment to always offer the best possible service, and a reflection of the tireless work of our team.

In 2011 we were legally recognized by the Finance Service Authority (FCA). This guaranteed us a place in the financial market for money transfers and led us to open our second subsidiary and provide our financial services to several European countries.

In the following years, we continued to grow new partnerships with agents and stores. 

In 2018 we continued to grow into new markets, offering our services to countries in America, Asia and Africa.

Today we are ten stores spread across London with plans to expand more and more.

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