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How do I use Master Transfer?

Making transfers is easy. You can use our website or download our App free for iOS and Android. After you register, simply type in your details and the recipient’s and how much money you want to transfer.

You can then either type in your debit card details.


1. Find a Master Transfer Agency near you.

2. Make sure you have an ID document with you and a proof of address. In most cases, we accept all valid European IDs. If you don’t have a residence permit in Europe, your passport is also acceptable. The documentation required varies according to the amount of money you intend to send.

3. We’ll need the full name of the person receiving the transfer, as well as telephone number and bank details, or, if in case of cash collection to choose one of the available collection points.

4. We need to know how much money you wish to transfer.

Most transfers happen the same day – it normally takes 1-3 working days to complete an international payment.

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To provide this we follow our Compliance Rules Manual. We have a strict and absolute control over every transaction carried out in order to create a barrier against money laundering or any illicit operation.


Transfer to our accounts and call to finish the order


Pay with cash in any of our shops in minutes


Ease and confortable, send on the go and track your orders


Transfer to our accounts and call to finish the order

Send money or download our app

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